Challenge: to come up with ideas for an affordable screening kit to test methyl mercury levels in your body

  1. Ideas Nov 12 - Jan 23
  2. Inspiration for ideas Oct 17
  3. Concepts Jan 24 - Feb 13
  4. Jury Feb 14 - Feb 19
  5. Winner Feb 20


DEVELOP YOUR IDEA INTO A CONCEPT IN THE CONCEPT PHASE (click 'add a contribution' there to view the business concept format)
This challenge consists of several phases to help you develop your first idea towards a final business concept that will be judged by the Final jury. Feedback from other community members and webinars with the Expert jury can be used as input for your idea development.

The idea for the affordable test kit to screen for methyl mercury in the human body that we are looking for in this challenge, doesn't have to be fully tested and approved in a laboratory or in clinical trials. We are looking for a theoretical business concept that is based on existing research or development, existing similar tests that could be adapted to testing for heavy metals or can be inspired by methods of screening for other diseases (e.g. malaria tests or diabetes)
And ideas can be creative! That means that you can post your first brainstorm thoughts on the platform and others can respond to the feasibility. You can also upload more than one idea! Check out the inspiration posted in the inspiration phase for input.

The criteria that we do have for the test, are: affordable, simple to use, fast result and non-invasive.