Challenge: to come up with ideas for an affordable screening kit to test methyl mercury levels in your body

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Oral Fluid Heavy Metal non-invasive Screening Tool


Eugene Elwell, community member, sent this test method for lead:

A swab of the gum line has produced a screening test. The Oral Fluid Testing will replace the standard use of blood lead samples and it will be "a milestone for lead testing on a universal scale". Dr. Anil Mangla

OFT Laboratories LLC has a patented oral fluid test and intends to design and market oral fluid test kits related to Lead and heavy metals toxicity testing, drugs of abuse, steroids, HGH and other testing markets.

We have completed a double blind clinical trial in collaboration with Georgia Department of Community Health Division of Public Health and Emory University Hospital, Children Health Care of Atlanta GA. and Dr. Robyn Hannigan of University of Mass. Boston. Our Clinical Trial included 475 children with both blood and oral fluid. With a correlation of .96 Sensitivity and .99 Specificity.

More can be found on the website of OFT Laboratories LLC:


On December 12, 2012 05:32

Eugene - so happy you were able to get the lead test to the market. Thanks for joining the challenge.

I'd love to see some sort of point of service version of the test.

Could it be combined with 23andme's DNA spit test? That would be another way to get reach/distribution. They have just lowered their price to $99. We could ask if 23andme is interested.

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