Challenge: to come up with ideas for an affordable screening kit to test methyl mercury levels in your body

  1. Ideas Nov 12 - Jan 23
  2. Inspiration for ideas Oct 17
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Osumex Mercury Test Kit


This is basically a $20 at home test kit for mercury. There is a bit of sample prep and several things to avoid taking before you do the test, but this seems like a good test.


On January 11, 2013 15:07

Hi Peter,

I took the test at home and it's quite easy to use. It took a long time (few hours) for substances to mix and there's quite a list of things that could mess up the test (like medication use and things you just ate). Also the costs to send it made it almost twice the price. But I seem to be free of mercury...

Do you think this is a good test that participants in this challenge can look at as an example?

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