The Toxic Metal Challenged ended on the 20th of February 2013. See the results on the challenge page.

What can you do in this challenge?

There are several ways in which you can contribute to this challenge. Sign up and:

  • Work on ideas for an affordable test kit to screen methyl mercury levels in your body and have a chance on winning $2.500, AND/OR
  • As a potential consumer of a test kit, view and give feedback to the ideas
  • Learn more about the issue by following the discussions and visit the websites on the toxic metals? page
  • Just receive an email update with news of the challenge. Send an email to Fransje with your interest for an email update

Why this challenge?

Clear Light Ventures was founded by Peter Sullivan to help people affected by toxic heavy metals. Having been diagnosed with mercury poisoning himself, Peter knows first hand what heavy metal poisoning can do to one’s concentration, motivation, mental acuity, memory capacity, immune system, psychological and physical well being. More importantly, he learned how difficult it was to first figure out what was going on with him and what caused many of these symptoms. He experienced a multitude of possible tests (some conclusive; others not), a general lack of detailed knowledge or understanding among the healthcare providers about this ailment and many choices of treatments available.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for business concepts for an affordable, non-invasive screening toolkit to test methyl mercury levels in your body. Imagine a product that provides you with the opportunity to do a test at home. Once you have an elevated level of methyl mercury in your body, you can go to a doctor with the results and get rid of it.
The affordable screening kit to test for methyl mercury in the human body that we are looking for in this challenge, doesn't have to be fully tested and approved in a laboratory or in clinical trials. We are looking for a theoretical idea that is based on existing research or development, existing similar tests that could be adapted to testing for heavy metals or can be inspired by methods of screening for other diseases (e.g. malaria tests or diabetes).

Work towards a business concept

We will ask a diverse community of people, you, to develop your idea into a business concept. Or enrich other’s ideas with your expertise and creativity. This business concept is a 10-page document for which we provide the format (see the jury criteria in the challenge summary on the Challenge page for further explanation).

A jury of Experts will judge all ideas on different criteria and advise you how to develop your idea into a business concept. During several webinars you can ask questions, be inspired and receive feedback.

The challenge process

On the 17th of October we started the challenge online with the inspiration phase.

  • Inspiration phase (17th of October 2012): Post inspiration online. We are looking for existing toolkits, what we can learn from them and what doesn’t work.
  • Idea phase (12th of November 2012): Based on the inspiration phase, what kind of testing kit can you think of that will conquer the world and is worth investing in?
  • Concept phase (24th of January 2013): Develop your idea further into a business concept and ask input from experts. The best concepts will be selected by an Expert jury and can continue to the Winner phase.
  • Jury phase (14th of February 2013): Your final business concept has to be delivered to us by 17.00hrs CET on the 13th of February 2013. Then a jury will judge the concepts on several criteria and choose a winning concept.
  • Winner phase (20th of February 2013): The winner will be made public on February 20th.

The winner

The winner receives $2.500 and a possible investment by Clear Light Ventures to further develop your idea into a prototype.


After the challenge (February) idea-owners (individuals or teams) are stimulated to realize their business concept. Clear Light Ventures is eager to invest in a promising startup; the division of shares between the entrepreneur and Clear Light Ventures will be discussed at that time depending on the investments made from both sides.

Important dates

  • On the 24th of January we organize the second webinar with the Expert Jury to explain what a good concept entails. Time: 09.00-11.00hrs PST / 18.00 - 20.00hrs CET
  • On the 13th of February, before 17.00hrs CET / 08.00hrs PST you have to deliver your final business concept on the platform
  • On the 20th of February the winner of the Toxic Metal Challenge is made public.

More information

Download the Summary on the Challenge page of this website for more background information and criteria to join. Or email Fransje de Gelder at